About JD Leonard

"Just Drive: the album" - Available 4/17/2019

A long established "go-to" songwriter, JD Leonard is quickly tearing into the American country music landscape. Combining ultra sleek showmanship, genre-crossing arrangements and hauntingly familiar hooks, Leonard is country/rock in both it's purest dose and it's untapped potential. His songs are a passenger on the road to the human experience. 

Tennessee born and Carolina raised, JD's "work-hard" roots have driven him to become a fixture of NYC and Music City camps, alike. It's this geographic, chopped and diced blend of culture that creates JD's distinctive sound. 

Fever dream guitars and raw vocals. Lush melodies and memory inducing lyrics. It's a sound that you already know...like you've never heard before. 

A thriving stage performer, Leonard's shows are staggering demonstrations of fearless energy that push the boundaries of genre. JD is a showman in the grand tradition of the sport - never pulling punches and never being less than his real self. 

Tennessee born...Carolina raised...American made...

JD Leonard

JD Leonard